Asian Style Pork Belly

Well hello there everyone, I would like to offer you all a warm welcome to my home and garden blog. For the past week I have been making lots of quick meals, where I go and buy something in town that is already cooked or partially cooked. Then I bringing it home for me to season more and add some sides to so it can be a full meal. One of these prepped meals I have been making fairly regularly is some really nice, crispy pork belly that the vendors in town have hanging on meat hooks in their stalls on the side of the road. I get a couple hundred grams of this yummy pork belly which is given to me with a bag of fresh herbs, a cucumber and a bag of hoisin sauce. Then I take it home and make it even more scrumptious.

asian pork belly

The flavouring

The pork belly already has an Asian Tamarind sauce on it, so I try and keep the Asian flavour going. One of my favorite mixes when throwing together some noodles or rice is a really simple one; soy sauce and oyster sauce with a clove or two of garlic. It is a really simple mixture; one that you can do in the pan on top of your food so there is even less cleanup.


Personally I like to take the pork belly strips and cut them into pieces about half an inch long, then throw them in a pan with a teeny bit of oil and the fresh herbs, fry it all together for 30 seconds or so and then start throwing in the sauces. Last time I added a little bit of lime sauce to the mix and I have to say, that made for just an explosion of flavour in my mouth. If you guys are a fans of pork belly, definitely try it with some lime, garlic, soy and oyster sauce.