Hey everyone.  Welcome to my all new Home and Garden blog.  

I’m Nadine, originally from Maastricht in the Netherlands but currently living, and loving in Amsterdam.  I’m in my mid to late twenties, perpetually single, and living in a flatshare with my 2 best friends in the world and my 2 cats, Sugar and Spice.

I decided to combine several of my favourite pastimes and came up with the idea of a Home and Garden blog. I love all things homey; Interior design is one of my biggest passions, although it should be seeing as it’s my job! But I also love cooking, DIY and gardening. Though living in a teeny flat in Amsterdam doesn’t lend itself too well to doing much gardening outside of window boxes.  
Other things I love doing include travelling, writing and eating out.  I’m currently trying to save up enough to buy a flat or house, but until then this blog will focus on life in a too small flat with too many people (and pets!)